Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fresh Ginger Lemonade


Fresh Ginger Lemonade
David, 10 Jul 

I once got into a Scrabble tiff when I was challenged for using the word “ade.” I’ve played Scrabble in English, and in French, and I’ve determined that it’s impossible to win if facing French players due to the astounding selection of verb conjugations they have at their disposal. Except for this guy, who doesn’t even speak French, but memorized French words in the dictionary.
Fortunately, I don’t have a competitive streak, although I did dig my heels over ade, when I was playing Scrabble with some fellow anglophones who refused to concede that ade was an actual word. There was a dictionary on hand in the summer house we were staying at, that confirmed that it is a drink made with fruit. (Oddly, I tried to look it up now, but couldn’t find it in Webster’s. Don’t tell my friends, though, who may want a rematch.)
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