Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Stuff it – grab a butternut pumpkin and do the business!


Midweek deliciousness
What a week it has been in parts of New Zealand. Since my own experience of flooding earlier this year I have a much better understanding of what it means when I see images of fields under water, stock being moved to high ground, cars abandoned on flooded roads and people sweeping mud out of their homes. How life can be turned upside down in the space of 24 hours is mindboggling. Water is indiscriminate, finding the easiest route to travel along, unmindful of what it destroys and the devastation it leaves in its wake. It’s going to be a long clean up.  During this time everyone involved will need to eat, but there’ll be less time for fancy dinners, less money for fancy foodstuffs. With that in mind, this week I have created some recipes using the basics: pumpkin, mince and Brussels sprouts, and I’ve brought up my favourite potato dish from last year. When you write them down like that – mince, spuds, pumpkin and sprouts – they don’t sound very exciting, but when you see the photographs, well, I hope you think more of them. Brussels sprouts are not everyone’s favourite, but separate them into leaves and they look like a different vegetable. You can roast the centres of them – it gets too fiddly to separate the tiny leaves – so there’s no wastage, and you may find you gather even more fans. Brussels sprouts are hanging out for a makeover and it’s easy to give them one.

So, here’s to you, the south, get stuck in and help you neighbour or those less fortunate if you are able. Get the oven on and warm up the kitchen while baking a wholesome family meal, and share it around. A hot meal – and it doesn’t need to be fancy – does wonders in time of need.
Stuffed Butternut
Brussels Sprout Leaves
All you might ever need to know about Brussels sprouts
Jacket-baked Potatoes

Just a reminder about using mince (ground meat) … read the tips here to be sure you are using it safely, and remember that cheap mince, nearing it’s Best Before date, should be eyed with suspicion. Tips for mince
Avocado lovers will be delighted to see that avocado prices have dropped down. Hurray for that! Why pay elevated prices for fancy dips when you can squash an avocado with a fork and titivate it with a few simple elements such as lemon and salt.

Avocado Platter
And, for Wellingtonians, Wellington City Council and the Sustainable Business Network has announced that the Good Food Boost programme is running in the city, launched Monday this week. The GFB is an 8-week mentoring programme that gives support to food businesses intent on providing sustainable food systems. The Good Food Boost, supported by event partner Le Cordon Bleu, will choose 4 Wellington businesses to take part – applications open NOW! Click here for info

Okey doke, peckers up, look after yourselves, and share your excess (food, love, kindness and goods).

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