Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Asparagus is about to get cheaper than chips ....... Julie Biuso

Asparagus is about to get cheaper than chips ........Get set to enjoy the spoils

Spring may have got off to a slow start this time round but now it’s here expect a produce bonanza. Yep, back up the truck, there’s a mountain of asparagus coming our way!
What to do with it, apart from tossed in garlic butter, smothered in parmesan and eaten in the fingers? Or rolled in lemon oil and roasted to a crisp? One of my faves is teaming asparagus with mint, lemon and prosciutto. Fire up the barbie and get these little beauties crisping Asparagus & Mint Wraps Or try your hand at Chorizo & Asparagus Spanish-style and Bruschetta with Asparagus & Prosciutto 

Is it true that there are male and female spears? It sounds a bit rude …. And what’s the deal about peeling asparagus? Is that just a poncy restaurant trick or worth doing? Read more

 about asparagus here in Spring Treat including how good it is for you and what wine to drink with it. 

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