Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Julie Biuso's Shared Kitchen - Light and Luscious

Off to the island  

This time next week I will be up to my ears in packing cases as I make the move to spend summer on Waiheke Island in my delicious little writer’s retreat. The books are coming, along with the knives and pots and pans, in a hope that they will help me create some fantastical food. It’ll be summer and with a cloudless sky and sparkling sea, the island’s bounty of olives and oil, wine and cheese, and fruit for the picking and fresh fish going begging, I reckon I might crack out a great collection of summer recipes. That’s the plan, though I might just as easily slip into the laidback flip-flops and sun hat life, and eat, drink and be merry. We’ll see. But I’ll keep these columns going, though if I do miss one, forgive me, you’ll just know that a swim and 5 o’clock glass of rosé got the better of me. But for now, here’s a couple of lovely summer salads to enjoy.


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