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Updated Recipe Posts
David, 15 Oct 10:08 AM

When I was in high school, our principal came up on stage during assembly one morning and stood there for a moment, until he got our attention. After a long pause, he inhaled deeply, and said, “We have a very sick person in our midst.”
Nobody moved, and we were all kind of stunned for a minute, hearing such a grave pronouncement. Finally, we learned the cause of his pronouncement. “Someone in this school has stolen a textbook from another student.” And for the next few minutes, he continued to tell us about how grave this grave situation was. I knew it wasn’t me, but I do feel like I have another maladie, and that’s going back to old posts and revamping them. Once you start, it’s hard to stop. And at some point, I’m going to need to be sent to the principal or something.
buttercrunch toffeeBut for now, I’m on a roll and went back and recast several posts, many are holiday related – so for once, I’m ahead of the curve! In some, I’ve simplified the recipe or found a way to streamline it. Others were changed or modified because I realized that my tastes had changed and I wanted the recipe to reflect that. (Recipes aren’t cast in stone, which is a good thing. Because otherwise, cookbooks would be ridiculously heavy. But at least we wouldn’t have to worry about those being swiped, I suppose.)
It was also a chance to update the photos: Some were taken as far back as 2006 when I had a point-and-shoot camera. (Remember those?) So here are a few recipes and posts that I’ve refreshed:
Pumpkin ice cream
For years, people were asking about a pumpkin ice cream recipe. And while I usually just pointed them toward my sweet potato ice cream in The Perfect Scoop, people just really seemed fixed on pumpkin ice cream. I remade it again this fall, giving it a whirl with kuri (hokkaido) squash. The rich squash lent the ice cream an intense color with lovely little orange flecks scattered about in it. And it tasted great, too.
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