Monday, October 12, 2015

French Keys


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David, 12 Oct 04:41 AM

I was never afraid of keys until I moved to Paris. People have all sorts of phobias, many that seem curious to others who don’t share them, such as auroraphobia, a fear of Northern lights and euphobia, which is a fear of good news. Papyrophobia is a fear of paper, and macrophobia is a fear of long waits. But I’ve never heard of a fear of keys, like I have.
Most of us have had the displeasure of losing our keys or getting locked out of our house or apartment. The first time I felt real terror rising up through me regarding my French keys was when a friend had her purse swiped at a cafĂ© on the rue Montorgueil a day before she was leaving for vacation. She called me in a tizzy and told me that she had to pay over €1000 ($1120) for someone to come and change her lock.
Because she lived in a swanky part of town, the Saint-Germain area, I though that those prices were unique to that exclusive neighborhood as it seemed like a lot of money. (Note: I found it that it’s not exclusive to that neighborhood.) But on the other hand, being stranded outside your apartment, or being cambrioler (burglarized) – well, it’s easy to see why most people would just pull out their checkbook and get back inside. Although I am not sure why I said “most people” because you don’t really have a choice. Do you?
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