Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Julie Biuso reporting from London & Waiheke !

London calling ...
One week in paradise …

My Waiheke ways have started already. I’m conserving water, turning appliances off when not in use, planting vegetables and changing over to non-chemical cleaners, and when driving, I’m sticking to the speed limit because there’s no point going hell-for-leather when there’s no traffic to beat.
Waiheke Island is a mere 35-minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland city, but you could be a million miles away. I look out onto a dense rise of protected native bush and the ever-changing sea. It’s inspirational for a writer, except you do have to stop looking and start writing! No internet yet is my excuse. I’ll get hooked up sometime soon, I hope. Vodafone? Ya listening?
Ilaria’s life couldn’t be more different. She’s posted a chatty update of her comings and goings in London. She’ll soon be feeling the bite of winter and will have to rug up. If you live in the UK, Europe or the US, follow her adventures here and on Instagram as her food will be more in line with your seasons, but wherever you are, have a great foodie week.
PS Last week I had a fantastic result for my books:
Julie Biuso At Home published 2013 by New Holland (NZ) got an honourable mention in the NZ Guild of Foodwriters' Awards, AND Sizzle Sensational Barbecue Foods published 2006 by New Holland (NZ) and 2008 in the US by JB Publications, was voted 2nd place in the Best Barbecue Books in the World from the past 20 years in the 'Best of the Best' Gourmand Cookbook Awards held in Frankfurt last week. Yippee!

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