Thursday, March 3, 2016

Eight Lovely Lemon Recipes

3 March 2016

Sarah Tuck's Prawn and Chorizo Pasta
This delicious pasta is quick, easy and packed with flavour. It has a summery feel, but enough kick to take it into the cooler months.
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Eight Lovely Lemon Recipes
Judging by our most popular recioes, you can never go wrong with this delicious ingredient. Here are eight of our favourite lemon recipes.
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Hello Graham
It's only been autumn for a few days, but we've already felt a drop in temperature and have begun reaching for recipes that are a little more comforting; Sarah Tuck's Prawn, Chorizo and Chilli Pasta (above) is the perfect fit for this time of year. Below you'll find David Parker's thoughts on the focaccia from Nigel Slater's latest book A Year of Good Eating. David thinks a good, rustic bread is an "all-year-round" kind of food and we'd have to agree.
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