Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Colour & Crunch with Julie Biuso

Colour & Crunch
If you eat meat but usually can't afford prime cuts, here's a trick for making a little red meat go further: buy just two steaks to feed 4 or more, instead of one steak each, and turn the steaks into sandwiches.  Steak sandwiches  They look pretty scrumptious I reckon.
This week I feature a favourite of mine – hot-smoked salmon and avocado salad. It doesn't need a prescription, just add what you like in the way of salad leaves and herbs, tomatoes or cucumber if they take your fancy, and toss with oil and lemon juice. A fast and fabulous dinner.

There's info on basil, and balsamic vinegar, too. Most of the balsamic vinegar we buy is based on caramel. Damn. The real thing is expensive, but you can always hint for a bottle of it when your next birthday comes around.
To finish, a batch of lime & coconut tartlets. Easy to make using pre-rolled pasty sheets and ready-made curd. Sometimes, you just need to take a shortcut!
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