Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Julie Biuso says Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn

Make a splash with head-turning brunch dishes this Easter There’s something about having friends over for brunch which is easier than all the carry on required for a sit-down evening meal. Kids, cats and dogs can run riot outside, and mess can go on the grass. Everyone tends to kick back a little more than usual as the whole day stretches ahead with endless possibilities.
These pancakes are amazing. They cross the boundary between savoury and sweet, and come topped with glazed apples and crispy bacon and a drizzle of maple syrup. Another version on the salty-sweet theme is fresh ricotta squished over toasted raisin bread topped with barbecued prosciutto-wrapped wedges of peach. Sweet, succulent, and with savoury notes. Get on to it!

While you’ve still got the barbie out try one of my absolute favourite fish dishes: skewered cubes of fish, stuffed green olives, bay leaves and sizzled strips of lemon peel, served on charred tomatoes. There’s nothing to it, but it is simply stunning.

Calling all music lovers – this weekend the Waiheke Jazz Festival takes place on the Island and the line-up is really impressive with local and international based artists performing.

And I’ve put up some new Cooking Class Dates – there will be plenty to learn and gorgeous food and wine to be had in both the autumn and winter series. Come along, get inspired, then cook up a storm for your family and friends. They'll love you for it! Book ahead to ensure you get your choice of date and time.

Phew! Lots going on. Then there's Fifi, dear Fifi 

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