Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bring on the brights! Julie Biuso is buzzing !

Winter has gone! We saw it off last week with a kick and a bang (well, a deluge or two and a freeze ball few days anyway). Sorry for you lot in the northern hemisphere because yours is coming, though you've got autumn/fall to look forward to, surely the most delicious season of all.
Here on Waiheke Island colour is popping at every turn – wild flowers are blooming, lemon trees are groaning (can't hear them 'tho!) and buds are bursting. Even my fig trees! It's time to bring on the brights! Time to get a bit of POW! into the food. Yep, waken the taste buds! On that note, here is a whole bunch of ideas to liven up your midweek dining:
Pulled pork buns with adobo
Black bean & orange salad in tacos
Tortillas with the lot
Avocado crema
Spicy pulled pork
Mango salad with dirty chipotle dressing
Refried beans on tortillas
A bit of a mega-marathon!

Also, I already knew it – Waiheke produces some of the most amazing extra virgin olive oils in the world. Just look at those
medals on Rangihoua Estates bottles. Whoopie for them, whoopie for Waiheke and whoopie for New Zeland. We are fast becoming known as THE country for consistently superb extra virgins. Read on! Buy up! Suport our economy! You'll be doing yourself a load of good.

PS SORRY! Spring just makes me want to jump around like a young thing. Yee-hah!
(Okay, no more coffee for me!)


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