Monday, August 11, 2014

Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube - The BBQ Book

Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube:
The BBQ Book


Step into the hot, hot world of CATERTAINMENT with DJ BBQ!

American DJ and barbecue cook DJ BBQ, the king of the coals, wood and fire, shares his 50 favourite dishes from true barbecue classics right through to radical new twists in this awesome collection, The BBQ Book.

DJ BBQ is all about cooking over wood and coal, from huge hunks of meat cooked slow and low to quick-fire grills and dishes to feed a crowd, plus a whole load of 'rad' sides and marinades that will blow your mind. He also shares lots of his top tips, and tells you how to set up your barbecue for a whole range of cooking techniques.

Crammed full of awesome recipes, The BBQ Book is certain to become your barbecue bible.

‘With the recipes in this book, DJ BBQ’s super-fun videos on Food Tube and a little bit of his heart and soul, your barbecue will never be the same again.’ Jamie Oliver

About the author
A man of many talents, Christian Stevenson, aka DJ BBQ, is an American DJ and barbecue cook from Maryland who lives to ‘catertain’. As well as being a food columnist for FHM Magazine, Christian is a well-known UK radio personality. He’s a regular DJ and host at major events such as Bestival, Global Gathering, Lovebox, Ibiza Rocks Hotel, T in the Park, Reading Festival, V Festival, Download and Sonisphere.  His fantastic food van in Brighton vas voted best BBQ Shack in 2013.

•                    Forward by Jamie Oliver & Introduction by DJ BBQ
•                    Cooking Techniques & My BBQ Top Tips
•                    Party Time – Includes recipes for Rad Rum Ribs, Jalapeno Party Poppers and Beer Can Chicken
•                    Quick Fire Grills – Includes recipes for Ballistic BBQ Chicken, Bodacious Burgers and Beach Bar Bream
•                    Slow and Low – Includes recipes for Pulled Pork, Chilli Con Carnage and Bacon Firebomb
•                    Side and Salads – Includes recipes for Mega Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, Rainbow Slaw and Grilled Tomato Slabs from Planet Amazatron
•                    Rubs, Dips, Salsas and Sauces – Includes recipes for Mix of Rad, Spicy Guacamole and BBQ Sauce from Planet Damn

About Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube
Food Tube is Jamie Oliver’s YouTube community of food lovers. The Jamie Oliver Food Tube series showcases the most popular talent on the channel and has over 400,000 subscribers.
Jamie has personally chosen his favourite subjects for this Food Tube series in an easy, affordable and fun package; DJ BBQ’s BBQ Book recipes fulfil Jamie’s exceptionally high food standards of quality, flavour and fun.

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Penguin Books - NZ$15.99


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