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The Family Cookbook: Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube series

The Family Cookbook:
Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube series

Kerryann Dunlop

50 no-nonsense recipes every household needs – a real mum cooking for real families

Kerryann Dunlop – a real mum living in the real world – is here to help feed a family on a budget.

The Family Cookbook takes you from snacks to evening meals, with advice for getting kids more involved in cooking and eating different foods. With plenty of tips to get the most out of fresh, simple ingredients, Kerryann’s recipes show that it's more than possible to eat delicious food on a budget.

Simple twists on meat, fish and veg classics include: Homemade Fish Fingers and Minty Smashed Peas; Potato, Chickpea and Cauliflower Curry and Majestical Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

‘Kerryann is a big character with a tone and style that’s warm, motherly and gentle – with these recipes and her thrifty family tips and tricks, you’ll have a bunch of recipes that’ll serve you well for years to come.’ Jamie Oliver

About the author
Viewers first came across Kerryann as a teenager, when she appeared as one of Jamie Oliver’s original ‘Fifteen’ apprentices on Channel 4. In 2004 she worked again with Jamie on his ‘Jamie’s School Dinners’ series. Originally from Hackney, East London, she qualified as a silver-service waitress before her life changed on being selected to train with Jamie. She has continued to work as a chef and is now a mum.

•                    Foreword by Jamie Oliver & Introduction by Kerryann
•                    My ‘Fifteen’ Story and Tips for Making Food Fun
•                    Breakfasts – Includes recipes for Pancakes and Berry Compote, Cheesy Scrambled Eggs and Cornmeal Porridge
•                    Snacks and Quick Fixes – Includes recipes for Banana Bread, Jamaican Patties 2 Ways and Mackerel in Spicy Tomato Sauce
•                    Batch Cooking – Includes recipes for Chilli Con Veggie, Easy Chicken Curry and Hidden Vegetable Pasta Sauce
•                    Dinner Time – Includes recipes for Homemade Fish Fingers, Cod and Butterbean Stew and Salmon and Pea Risotto
•                    Sides – Includes recipes for Turkish Style Couscous Salad, My Favourite Lentils and Honey and Cumin Roasted Carrots

About Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube
Food Tube is Jamie Oliver’s YouTube community of food lovers. The Jamie Oliver Food Tube series showcases the most popular talent on the channel and has over 800,000 subscribers.
Jamie has personally chosen his favourite subjects for this Food Tube series; Kerryann’s recipes in The Family Cookbook recipes fulfil Jamie’s exceptionally high food standards of quality, flavour and fun.

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