Monday, February 9, 2015

This book will change the way you think about "healthy" food

That Sugar Book
Damon Gameau

Publication: 1 February 2015, RRP $39.99, Trade Paperback-Macmillan

Damon Gameau documents the sugar eating habits in the Western world and has created a plan to get us off the white stuff!

Quitting sugar has been the single most important health movement of the last 5 to 6 years, and has been responsible for the sales of hundreds of thousands of books in the Australasian market. But, according to sugar guru, David Gillespie, we still haven't reached the tipping point in terms of mass awareness, and Damon's is the book that will achieve this.

Damon Gameau is an actor and filmmaker. Several years ago, he decided to take his health in hand and quit sugar. He started a journey that continues to this day. He has subjected himself to 40 days of 40 teaspoons of sugar a day, and then monitored his declining health. He travelled to the outback of Australia and the heartland of America to document the sugar eating habits of the locals. He has talked to world experts on the dangers of sugar and to food industry executives about their attempts to hide from the public the dangers of sugar. Plus, he has created a plan to get us off the white, and included 30 of his favourite recipes. Best of all, he has documented the whole thing on film, and the major Super-size Me type documentary, That Sugar Film, will hit cinemas at the same time That Sugar Book hits the shelves.

About the author

Damon Gameau is an award-winning actor and 2011 Tropfest winner, as well as a passionate advocate for good health and a warrior against the food industry that is making us fat and sick.

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