Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Come cook with me - Julie Biuso

Come cook with meYes, hooray, I've finally got myself organised, and I'm holding a series of intimate cooking classes at my 'writer's retreat' home at Rocky Bay, Waiheke. Come see where I live (it's paradise!), pick the herbs, breathe in the sea air, drink the local wine ...  It'll be such fun! And you will go away with a set of really useful recipes and loads of tips. See all the details here Cooking classes
Changeable weather calls for a flexible set of plans. These scrumptious lamb skewers can be sizzled on the barbecue, but if the weather turns on you, stick them in a frying pan. All will be well.
You'll need a salad to go with them. This one has brought me no end of trouble: Fattoush, a refreshing salad sprinkled with sumac – my version has brought about more comments than any other recipe I've put on YouTube.
I've included a couple of sweet treats this week – a good old fashioned banana split which looks a picture in a tall glass, and orange choc chip biccies just ready for those invitations which say 'bring a plate'. Damn! Don't you hate them! Have these up your sleeve (not literally!), but in the biscuit tin (aka airtight container), or uncooked in the freezer ready to bake and serve, and your stress will disappear. Oh, and, go on, make yourself a banana split.

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