Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tickle your taste buds with this lot

These are keepers – recipes that are too good to ignore

I'm feeling HUGE excitement about these recipes. I LOVE this eggplant dish, as does everyone who tastes it. At about two bucks a pop for an eggplant, now is the time to experiment with them.

You've got to scroll down to the white peach  thingabobby – a sort of fruity salsa – because it's funky, fresh, fantastic, and just begging to be made today ... or tomorrow, at the latest. Just be sure to use hot chillies, because they get the whole thing cracking along. And serve it with anything, or everything!
Hey, and, Monday 15th is National Lamb Day. It's true! We have a lamb day! No, it's not a holiday, but you can make it one, at least party like it is a holiday, and enjoy the gorgeous  fresh produce on offer during summer with lamb as the star.

There's a great fish dish here, too. I notice that fish recipes get fewer visits than other recipes on Shared Kitchen. Why is that? Fish is so good! And this Vietnamese salad is so fresh, so cool, so gooooood for you, I guarantee you'll love it.

Yep, great recipes. You're mad if you don't try something.
See ya x

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