Thursday, February 18, 2016

Peanut Butter Granola Bars

David Lebovitz

Peanut Butter Granola Bars
David, 17 Feb 

I have a mixed history with granola bars. The only ones I’ve ever made that were absolute perfection was when I had some peanut butter frosting leftover from a cupcake recipe that I was playing around with. I mixed in some other ingredients into a bowl of leftover frosting on the counter, perhaps more peanut butter, some nuts, a handful of oats, etc, until it looked like what I thought granola bar batter would look like, then pressed it into a pan and baked them. I took them on vacation with us and sitting on the beach in Provence, we enjoyed what turned out to be the best granola bars ever.
Since I was on vacation, and didn’t have a kitchen, it wasn’t the time to recreate them, but I did jot down some notes for when I got home. And sure enough, after multiple trying to get them right, again, I gave up.
In a lesson that you don’t need to hold onto things, and that it’s okay to enjoy something at that moment – then let it go – let it go, I did. And then, I didn’t. I had planned to include les barres de céréales maison (sometimes known as barres énergétiques) as the last recipe in my book, as sort of an allegory of triumph over adversity. (Which seems to be a recurring theme in life…) But as sometimes happens, adversity just wins and you just gotta let it go, once and for all.
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