Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Apple galette to impress your friends

Make like a French pastry chef and whip up an apple galette to impress your friends (and yourself!).

This week's all about simplicity. Making delicious food as quickly as possible. Take these quick apple tarts – all you need is about 10 minutes to peel and slice some apples, stick them on rounds of pastry and bake them – but here's the magic: brush them with apricot glaze (nothing more than apricot jam and lemon juice bubbled together) and you produce a masterpiece, similar to what you would see in the window of a French pastry shop (no kidding!). Likewise the little lamb roasts: fast to prepare, fast to cook, and delicious to eat. I love using marjoram in the stuffing, and if it's a herb you are not familiar with, read about it here.

 Then there is the omelette. What a gift to the cook. Learn the technique and you've got a fast, nutritious meal at your fingertips.
If you have a lemon tree, it's probably chocka with lemons right now. You'll find them cheap and plentiful in the shops, too. Now is the time to make
preserved lemons! It's easy and the result is gorgeous – tangy salty little morsels to enliven all your spring and summer dishes.
Talking about spring, I've got the first of my
spring cooking classes on offer now. It's the busiest time of year for cooking classes as we shrug off winter, feel invigorated and get ready to try something new. Bring it on!

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