Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bistrot Paul Bert


Bistrot Paul Bert
David, 03 Aug

Paris Brest Bistrot Paul Bert restaurant in Paris

Shortly after I had arrived in Paris, I was having dinner with Romain at Bistrot Paul Bert. Nearby, a couple was speaking English and when I struck up a conversation with them, I asked how they knew about the restaurant. They mentioned they saw it on a “Best of” list in a culinary/travel magazine. So it wasn’t a secret back then, nor it is now. And with good reason: It’s one of the most reliable, approachable, and consistently great French bistros in Paris.
Bistrot Paul Bert restaurant in Paris
I was dining there recently with Alec Lobrano, Patricia Wells and Nathan Myhrvold of Modernist Cuisine while Nathan was in France doing research on a book about bread, which I suspect will be an incredible overview of breads not just from France, but from around the world. I gave him some addresses that I thought he might want to visit, although he’d obviously done his research and had a good list of bread bakeries he was planning to check out already. Then we had a little verbal back-and-forth about ice cream which prompted an invitation to visit his laboratory in Seattle, which I’m putting on my lengthy list of places that I want to go to.
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