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Real Food - Less Fuss

Real Food Less Fuss

by Lauren Parsons

Release date 29th August RRP $39.95

One of New Zealand’s top five group personal trainers, life coach and mother of three, Lauren Parsons tell us how we can eat guilt-free and look and feel great…the French way.

Parsons has 16 years’ experience in the health and wellbeing profession and has lived and worked in France. Six months into her first stay in France, she had put on so much weight her clothes no longer fitted her, her skin was terrible and her health was deteriorating. She felt miserable.

Then she realised the French were eating in a completely different way.

She adopted their attitude to food, learnt how to eat mindfully and lost the weight effortlessly, returning to New Zealand lighter and brighter.

She faced a new challenge while pregnant with her third child as she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. So she conducted an extensive amount of research into nutrition and discovered the best way to eat for optimal health.
Now Parson’s shares her knowledge in Real Food Less Fuss.

She says, “no other book on the market focuses on the planning side in the way that I do, taking the stress out of cooking with my unique meal planning system.

“Very few books explain the French attitude to food or go into the psychology of eating to give you the keys to enjoy your food guilt-free.”

The first section of Real Food Less Fuss focuses on how we eat such as the negative spiral of dieting, the effects of stress, building a healthy relationship with food and overcoming emotional eating.
The second section is about real food and looks at preservatives and additives, food processing and food labels … and the beauty of real food.
The third and fourth sections includes Parsons’s meal plans, money-saving tips and how to shop smarter.
The last section features tried and tested recipes which are quick and simple, using affordable and easily-sourced ingredients.

“A common story I hear from clients I’ve coached over the years is that as they enter their thirties and forties it gets harder to stay in shape. Waistlines expand, clothes no longer fit and tiredness seems ever present.

“People tell me they want to eat more real food, but life is so busy that they don’t know how to get out of the routine of relying on quick fixes like takeaways, processed ingredients and convenience food” she says.

This is why Parsons chose to publish Real Food Less Fuss – to be the ultimate guide for busy people to plan, shop, cook and eat mindfully and to have less stress and more energy every day.

Proceeds from every book sold will go to Bellyful NZ go to for more information. Bellyful is a volunteer run, not-for-profit organisation providing free meals to families with newborns and families with young children who are struggling with illness.

 About the author:
Lauren Parsons is a wellbeing specialist with 16 years’ experience in the health and wellbeing professions. Qualified as both a personal trainer and a life coach, Lauren was a senior lecturer at the New Zealand College of Fitness and has mentored hundreds of fitness professionals. She is highly regarded within her professions, being recognised among the top five Group Personal Trainers in New Zealand and the winner of the Community Award, in the 2013 National Fitness Awards.

 Lauren Parsons is starting a national promotional tour on Monday 12th September beginning in Christchurch.

Lauren has self-published this book so enquiries to her at:!/Books/c/6718572/offset=0&sort=normal

Auckland event: 


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