Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Eat Real Food Cookbook

The Eat Real Food Cookbook by David Gillespie
Macmillan, RRP $39.99

The Eat Real Food Cookbook is your guide to saying 'no' to the food the manufacturers want you to eat and 'yes' to the sort of food that will help you manage your weight and the long-term health of your family.

For nearly ten years, David Gillespie has warned us of the dangers of sugar, and Australasia has listened. More recently he has alerted us to the other toxin in our food supply: seed oil. Most processed food – from French fries to yoghurt to spreadable butter – contains one or both of these ingredients, so the question is: how do we eat real food?

Expanding on his 2015 bestseller Eat Real Food, David shows us how to:

Identify and avoid sugar - and seed-oil-laden supermarket products

Identify and shop for the healthy options

Make the foods we normally buy in jars and packets – from mayonnaise to bread to tomato sauce

Make simple, inexpensive daily meals the entire family will love

Pack and plan for meals away from home

Create healthier treats for all occasions, from kids' birthdays to cocktail parties

Former corporate lawyer, David Gillespie is the best-selling author of the Sweet Poison books, Big Fat Lies, Free Schools and Toxic Oil. He lives in Brisbane with his wife and six children.

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