Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cook the Books


Just in case you missed it, we have moved to a big new store at 19 Williamson Ave, Ponsonby. 

Who else has noticed the change in temperature? Certainly makes you want to hunker down, make a pot of tea, and enjoy a book or two.

Below are our reviews of two recent releases we have thoroughly enjoyed. Five Quarters by Rachel Roddy & The Dumpling Sisters by Amy & Julie Zhang. 

Perhaps to go with the copious pots of tea, we also seem to have been doing an awful lot of baking lately, though we have been trying to do so in a more healthy way, reducing the sugar, cutting back on the icing, which of course means you can have an extra-large slice! Below is a new-favourite recipe, based on an old family fruit cake recipe where the fruit is boiled with tea. We made it for our book club afternoon tea last Saturday, and there is a picture of it accompanying the story, so read on.......

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