Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Love those cardoons

Love those cardoons
This post is all about hunkering down and embracing winter. There’s a Hokkien noodle soup to warm your kit and a homely much-loved apple & rhubarb crumble to round out a Sunday feast. That much-maligned green vegetable Brussels sprouts gets a fair roasting, and winter sorrel and cardoons are on the radar. Never eaten cardoons before? If you love artichokes, you’ll love cardoons more.

And there’s some news ... The dynamics at Shared Kitchen have changed somewhat in the last few weeks as Ilaria Ilaria’s Kitchenette has upped and offed to the UK (see her regular Instagram https://instagram.com/sharedkitchenblog/ and Facebook postings https://www.facebook.com/sharedkitchenblog?ref=hl) so she’ll be reporting from there and Europe for the foreseeable future. I’ll try not to be envious, and one thing that will help is to continue focusing on the spanking fresh produce we have right on our own doorstep and the vibrant food scene. Look forward to her pics and posts, though.

Just out this week is the new winter issue of Dish magazine http://www.dish.co.nz/ and I’m in it! I’ll be penning a regular seasonal produce column, kicking off with celeriac. It’s right up my alley! Let me know what you think of it on Facebook, and of course, don’t forget to LIKE us while you’re there!
Keep the home fires burning!

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