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Chicken in Red Wine Vinegar


Chicken in Red Wine Vinegar
David, 14 Dec 

Chicken cooked in red wine vinegarWhen I moved to France, Romain dubbed me “chicken man,” because I was always ordering, or buying, chicken. It’s not that the French don’t eat or like chicken, it’s just that it’s considering rather common fare, and not really something that is given a lot of attention. Americans love chicken, not just in our beloved fried chicken, but in lots of other preparations. I’m not sure why we took to it with so much fervor, but I’m guilty of liking it quite a bit. When I want something meaty, but not too heavy or “beefy,” chicken certainly fits that bill.
There are a few notable restaurants in Paris that serve roast chicken: at L’Ami Louis, the poulet rôti will set you back 95€. And no, I’ve not had it, for a variety of reasons. (One of which, of course, is the price.) But few Parisians order roast chicken when dining out because the spit-roasted poulet rôti you buy at the markets and at butcher shops is so much better than what you can make at home. And most butchers and volaillers know that if they put that rotating spit outside their shop, it’s hard for passers-by to resist going home without one. Although my butcher also has lamb’s heads on the spit and they keep trying to convince me to try one of those instead. For a variety of reasons, one being that I don’t feel comfortable picking around teeth and jawbones to have my dinner. And I’m not sure my other-half would be so happy if he opened the bag, expecting a roast chicken, and instead was greeted by a lamb face staring back at him.
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