Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mint Pesto


Mint Pesto
David, 26 Dec 04:23 AM

Mint pesto recipe
Holidays always feel like a sprint to me. Perhaps because I spent a lot of time working in restaurant kitchens, holidays don’t feel so much as celebratory, as they do an extra dose of work. I’m used to it and know that the key is advanced planning. I don’t cook much in advance, nor do I freeze things (except ice cream), but I make sure I’ve done all the shopping and preparation of any components as far ahead as possible, without flipping myself out too much.Mint pesto recipe
In Paris, that means making sure you have shallots to make mignonette sauce for oysters and a few days before, have a leg of lamb resting in the refrigerator studded with garlic and perhaps rosemary or thyme, waiting to be roasted off. But it also means fielding desperate S.O.S. messages from friends and visitors to Paris, trying to find a restaurant that’s open.
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