Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Waiting for the sun

Waiting for the sun
We all love a moan about the weather and this year I think it is justified. What has happened to the start of summer? It's gone the way of spring, of course. While Ilaria is feeling the cold bite in London, we're not exactly sweltering here. But seasonal food keeps arriving in stores. Yay, for fresh garlic, just when you'd about given up with yellowing sprouting cloves. And sweet corn has started to come through – at a price – and of course cherries and stonefuit. Summer's bounty at least hasn't failed us.
This week I look at a lovely cookbook by the talented Bevan Smith from Riverstone Kitchen in Oamaru, Ilaria pops in for a chat and you'll be introduced to Fifi. And if you haven't yet, go onto our Facebook pages and LIKE us, both on Shared Kitchen and Julie Biuso, that's if you really do like us! 

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