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Holiday Gift Guide: Things I’m Liking


Holiday Gift Guide: Things I’m Liking
David, 04 Dec 04:21 AM

I started this list, initially called Things I’m Liking, which I’d intended to post…oh, six months ago. Then I didn’t make it back to finish it, and it ended up being one of those files on my desktop that I’d check into once in a while, but never get around to finishing – until now. Using my expertise as a multi-tasker, I decided roll it over into this year’s holiday gift guide. Included are kitchen gadgets I’ve found myself reaching for more than the others, drinking accoutrements, my new favorite way to dial it all out, and a few cookbooks that arrived this fall that particularly interested me.

Bauer pottery

Bauer Pottery Bowls

I’ve always been a fan of California pottery and collected quite a bit of it when I lived there. So I was intrigued enough when I saw recently some reproductions of Bauer bowls and shared them on my Facebook page. From the brouhaha, I didn’t realize that so many people didn’t buy things made in China, including those who use computers and smartphones. (I also didn’t realize that so many computers and smartphones were made in countries other than China.) However I, too, prefer the Made in America originals and I hadn’t realized that Bauer was back again producing pottery, in California.
I love the beautiful colors and the functional shapes and sizes of Bauer Pottery, which is just as beautiful as the vintage stuff. I am saving my dollars (and luggage allowance) for a set of their Made in America mixing bowls, but am happy with the four bowls that I have for the time being. Every time I look at them, I smile. Note that if you live in Southern California, they have occasional factory sales and often do seconds sales on their website, too.

Quirky cord holder

Quirky Cord Catcher

Probably my favorite little purchase this year was this Quirky Cordies desktop cord catcher. I use a laptop and as anyone who uses a laptop knows, as soon as that cord gets unplugged, it goes flying off the desk with the strength of a whip-wielding dominatrix. And I have the bruises (on my fingers) to prove it. Or else it flees to behind the desk to the most inaccessible place you can imagine and you have to pull out the desk to fish it back out. True, there are worse problems once could have, but what else can you solve one so effectively for less than $5? (I got mine at The Container Store where I see they are on sale for $2.99, price subject to change.)

Tavolo ice cream container

Tavolo Ice Cream Tub

People frequently ask me what kind of container I store ice cream in. When I wrote The Perfect Scoop, I was churning out so much ice cream that went to a restaurant supply store in Paris and bought a big crate of plastic containers, which I still use to this day. However as technology changes, newer materials have seen the light of day (and the light of my freezer), and I’ve taken to using the Tavolo ice cream tub. I scored mine at TJ Maxx and it’s a nice size and shape, although they also make a long, narrow one if you’re the kind of person that likes to take a lengthy, leisurely scoop. Haven’t tried that one, but I’m happy with my canister.

Upcoming New York City Events in December
David, 03 Dec 07:13 PM

Coming up, I’ll be doing two events in New York City. At both I’ll be signing books, and you can take care of some of that holiday shopping. Come say hi!
On Saturday, December 5th, the fine folks at The Brooklyn Kitchen (100 Frost Street, Brooklyn) will be hosting a get-together and booksigning at their store. Copies of The Sweet Life in Paris, Ready for Dessert, and My Paris Kitchen will be available. The cooks will be preparing a lovely selection of recipes from my books, and pouring beverages for all. The event will be from 5 to 7pm. If you’d like to come, you can sign up here.
If you can’t make it and would like a signed book, you can contact the store and I’ll sign one which they’ll send to you. Please contact them here.

imagesAnd on Saturday, December 12th, I’ll be at the Food52 Pop Up store in Manhattan (41 Union Square West, at 17th Street) from 2 to 3pm signing copies of My Paris Kitchen at their special holiday shop, which is going to feature items from their Provisions store and other goodies.


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