Wednesday, December 16, 2015

New Zealand Backcountry Cooking

New Zealand Backcountry Cooking
Potton & Burton - $39.99
Drawing on years of experience tramping and cooking in the outdoors, Paul and Rebecca Garland have created a comprehensive backcountry cooking guide that is quite unlike anything else published in New Zealand.

Written especially for trampers and other outdoor adventurers, New Zealand Backcountry Cookingprovides a huge range of delicious and lightweight food options that can be created with simple cooking techniques. The book covers all possible outdoor experiences, from multi-day trips where lightweight ingredients and cooking speed are essential, family adventures where tasty food can be a crucial element in making the experience enjoyable for children, through to weekend and camp cooking where weight is not a consideration, and more gourmet options are possible.

In addition to these many recipes, the authors provide lots of invaluable practical advice around preparation at home, cooking basics, equipment and menu planning. Additionally, the dry weight of every meal is also provided.

If you are just starting out as a tramper and need to understand the fundamentals, or if you are an experienced outdoor adventurer who would enjoy some inspiration for your backcountry cooking, then this book will prove to be a perfect companion.

About the authors:
Paul has been tramping for 50 years, and has had a long interest in eating well in the outdoors. He has had professional training as a chef in both commercial kitchens and the New Zealand army, and worked for 25 years in endangered species conservation. In 2012 he completed the Te Araroa Trail after 152 days walking the length of New Zealand. He lives outside of Christchurch.

Paul’s daughter, Rebecca, has been camping and tramping all her life, firstly with her parents and then kayaking and biking with friends and now with her own family. She is a passionate home cook and has spent many hours with her father planning and refining good food to eat in the outdoors. Rebecca is a surgeon and lives in Wellington with her husband and two children.

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