Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Chicken Bulgogi with David Lebovitz


Chicken Bulgogi
David, 13 Apr 

Bulgogi chicken recipe
While people have been tripping over each other lately, letting everyone know how authentic they can be, outraged over a recipe or poem they saw online, one only needs to look to Korean food to see how it’s done.
Bulgogi chicken recipe
Koreans don’t seem to have the same strictness to guidelines that are bestowed upon other cuisines, which is great because you can cook, add things that you like, and mix together seemingly incongruent ingredients without getting yourself into hot water. I was making kimchi a while back and had some stewed plums I was thinking of adding, which I mentioned on social media. Instead of getting a slew of nasty messages (like I did when I joked about making a low-fat carbonara with smoked tofu and soy cream, and people actually used the F-word), a bunch of Koreans chimed in – “Go for it!”
Bulgogi chicken recipe
While it’s nice to honor and adhere to tradition, as my friend Patricia the Vanilla Queen,noted to me in an email exchange about all the bickering: “People constantly trip over themselves and get in their own way, which is very sad. Having a sense of humor, the ability to play and to not take ourselves so seriously goes a long way toward being happy!” That’s something I am going to print out and put on my wall: It’s my new motto.
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