Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Julie Biuso says - You've got to make this ...

You've got to make this ...
This week's newsletter is done on the run – I'm presently feasting my way around London and Paris – but I wanted to share the following cauliflower recipe with you. Turning cauliflower into a slab of crunchy golden scrumptiousness has to be one of the most delicious ways to eat it ever. The recipe rings all the bells – parmesan cheese, fried in butter – it can’t fail to tempt.
Just when I had perfected the recipe the price of caulis shot sky-high, reaching $9.00 a pop in my local store. Whoa! For a basic vegetable available 12 months of the year, this has been a shocker (all to do with a very dry summer). Hopefully, when you give this a go, wherever you are, the price will be affordable. It may be that green cauliflower are cheaper than white – so check them out,

I've also included a recipe for  quick way with hummus to go with it, and  one for a caper salsa. Serve the cauli with one, or both.

To finish, Coffee, Walnut & Date Cake. Make it this weekend and have friends around for afternoon tea. Coffee and cake? Coffee and coffee cake is even better!

My top three London food spots next week. 

Cauliflower Steaks with Quick Olive Hummus

Oh, glory be, crunchy, golden, cheesy ... and usually cheap!    


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