Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pie Time! And great eating in London

Pie Time!
And great eating in London 
When the wind blows from the south – or in northern climes, from the north – it’s time to dig out warming pie recipes. Here’s an easy fish pie to start. A light creamy fish filling is given a welcome hint of smoky spice from chorizo and the lot is topped with a cap of golden cheesy potato. I find it hard to resist. While it is perfect for autumn (fall), it is also good for chilly spring nights.

I’m just back from a trip to London and Paris, and, yes, there was still a nip in the spring air. Along with amazing times spent with friends (being part of an entourage of 10 chauffeured vintage Citroen DS cars being driven around Paris is pretty hard to beat), and an overdue catch-up with my daughter Ilaria, I ate some damn fine food. The Typing Room in London was exceptional.

I’ll be back on track with newsletters at the usual time from next week (well, here’s hoping!). I've left last week's cauliflower recipe on the Shared Kitchen Home page because it has been the most successful recipe we've published to date - it's at the bottom of the page if you missed it.
Don’t waste any time fretting about dinner tonight – just get cooking this fish pie!

Fish Pies with Chorizo

Little cheesy pots of bubbling goodness everyone will love    MORE            

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