Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lots going on this week in Julie Biuso's Shared Kitchen

Lots going on this week ...
How to use up feijoas, how to cook the perfect fillet of beef, how to stop pan-fried mushrooms turning into a stew, a scrumptious recipe for feijoa crumble cake, the perfect gift for your mum for Mother's Day (a cooking class on Waiheke), and much more.

What a week: the chill creeping in, shorter days, longer nights, and fruit falling off trees!

First though, I have added a new cooking class to the May schedule – a Mother's Day Special May 8th. Now you can pamper your mum with a Shared Kitchen cooking class, or come along with her and enjoy it together. The class will be full of good cheer, gorgeous food and glasses of bubbly, and there'll be heaps of prizes and gifts, including food products and cookbooks. No one will go away empty-handed. Early bookings advised as the classes are small. On Friday May 6th I'm running a class featuring warming winter dishes based on vegetables. Yes! Everyone seems to want more and more vegetable dishes and I am happy to oblige.

It's feijoa time. Anyone with a feijoa tree will most likely have fruit going begging. I scoop out the flesh and freeze it, then turn it into feijoa chutney or use it in a crumble or cake at a later date. Feijoa Cake with Almond Crumble Topping – combining cake and crumble (what's not to like about that?) – was an absolute winner last year. Time to revisit it!

How to cook the perfect fillet of beef is something many cooks stress about. There are plenty of tips here on achieving perfection and glazed shallots to go with it.
I've also got a simple recipe for cooking mushrooms, but simple as it is, it will ensure you don't serve up a stew when what you really want is shiny glazed pan-fried mushrooms. Check out the tips for mushrooms which can help you achieve perfect breakfast mushrooms every time.
And there's a piece on cinnamon, too. These notes (like mushrooms and cinnamon) get filed under Cook's Notes, a resource that is growing week by week. It's the perfect read some miserable autumn day when you feel like curling up on your couch with your laptop, tablet or Smart Phone.

Roast Fillet of Beef with Herb Crust

Pink and juicy, succulent and tasty, perfect beef guaranteed

Balsamic Glazed Shallots

These shiny sweet and sharp shallots make a stunning plate mate for roast beef              

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