Monday, April 20, 2015

Cookbook News from PW

Cannabis Cooking Goes High-End, Mainstream
Twenty-three states and D.C. have now decriminalized marijuana, and at least two traditional publishers are taking notice of the new face of pot consumption by releasing upscale cannabis cookbooks this year. more
Book and Food Pairings, Brooklyn-Style
In Greenlight's Book/Plate series, a multi-course dinner and cocktail service for 40 diners and drinkers is crafted with a nonfiction book or novel in mind. more

Just As Sweet: 'Flour' Author Bakes With Less Sugar
Bestselling cookbook author and self-professed "sweets addict" Joanne Chang is back with 'Baking With Less Sugar,' offering recipes with white sugar alternatives that still satisfy. more

A Cookbook Love Story: PW Talks to the ‘Honey & Co.’ Husband and Wife Duo
The owners of London's Honey & Co. on food, what makes a good cookbook, and plans for bringing their own cookbook stateside. more

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