Thursday, April 23, 2015

Feijoa, Ginger and Cashew Nut Cakes

23 April

There's a lot to be said for a classic recipe. Natalie Oldfield's love of traditional family recipes has inspired her latest cookbook, and her grandmother's Pear and Ginger cake (below) is comfort on a plate, while Dish Food Editor Claire Aldous' addition of salted caramel to classic Anzac Thins takes the humble biscuit to indulgent heights. David Parker took on a classic American dessert this week in his cookbook review column, resulting in a chocolate tart with a suspicious amount of butter...

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Feijoa, Ginger and Cashew Nut Cakes (gf)

This easy, moist cake batter works with just about any fruit if feijoas aren’t available. Use stone fruit, cherries, persimmons or frozen berries.

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Pear and Ginger Cake

In the latest of a series of cookbooks inspired by her grandma Dulcie May Booker, Natalie Oldfield's 'Love and Food at Gran's Table' shares the recipes of over 60 grandmothers from around the world alongside those of her own, like this comforting cake.

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Anzac Thins with Salted Caramel (gf)

Thin and crispy is my take on Anzac biscuits and sandwiching them with delicious salted caramel transforms them into a very special treat. You could also use cooled melted chocolate in place of the caramel or have them plain.

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