Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Great Aussie Bites

Great Aussie Bites
I’ve been busy toiling in the garden planting tomatoes and salad vegetables most evenings this week and come 7.00pm, starving and hanging out for a glass of something, I’ve been dismayed more than once to find there’s not a lot in the fridge. But I’ve created some scrumptious meals with free-range eggs. My favourite is serving them poached on top of steaming asparagus and showering the lot with shaved parmesan. It’s fast and very satisfying, maybe with a crust or two of toasted ciabatta on the side, and a glass of French rosé. I may run short of food occasionally, but never seem to run out of wine. Funny that.
I’ve also stuck my nose in a few books lately, and will bring my musings over the next few weeks. First up is The Great Australian Cookbook (I think it’s oaky to do an Aussie book now given our victorious All Black’s win!). This is a big book with a whole heap of desirable recipes. Check these out and see what you think.
Enjoy your week … and get planting those vegetables!

The Great Australian Cookbook

Take a bite out of Aussie's best: lamb and lamingtons, prawns and pav, pancakes and pikelets; slow-cooked, twice-cooked, flash-fried, stir-fried and cooked over coals; breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner and everything in between. Here's a sample of tempting recipes from The Great Australian Cookbook.              

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