Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Little Black Book of Wine: An insider’s guide

The Little Black Book of Wine: An insider’s guide
By Joëlle Thomson
Paperback, $29.99
Published by New Holland

Highly regarded wine writer Joëlle Thomson may have already published 15 books on her favourite subject, but this one contains all the real wine gems readers of her columns have asked her to share – it’s a compact and approachable guide to buying, cellaring and drinking for enjoyment. A book that will help cultivated wine drinkers develop their knowledge and encourage them to explore new territory.
Perfect timing with the approaching festive season. It will also make a perfect stocking stuffer for many.
In The Little Black Book of Wine, she conveys some of the passion and a lot of the knowledge she’s acquired over her 20 year love affair with this delicious liquid, and through her writing, tutoring and her own studies (she’s presently working towards a two-year UK-based degree in wines and spirits.)
Joëlle de-mystifies the task of choosing the right wine, outlines the merits of shopping online, suggests descriptive wine words to drop into conversation, finds the right glassware and decanters, and gives definitive advice regarding wines to put in the cellar, and when to drink them.
Her personal recommendations are also included in a buyer’s guide to individual styles and varieties, offering choices for the best wines under $20 (her annual affordable wine guide ran to 10 editions), top notch dinner party drops and particular New Zealand wines to explore.

Joëlle Thomson is an award-winning wine writer and journalist, newspaper columnist and magazine editor. She’s written fifteen books about wine, tutors on the subject at the New Zealand School of Food & Wine, and is a member of the British-based Circle of Wine Writers.

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