Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cheese Ball


Cheese Ball
David, 18 Oct

Cheese ball recipeThe French concept of terroir, a confluence of elements – soil, atmosphere, weather, and other factors – that gives something a certain taste or flavor to foods and wine, is often spoken of as an elusive concept outside of France. But it does exist in the United States, as well as other countries. We just don’t have a word for it. The French, being so good with words and language, and seemingly having a word for everything – of course, do.
In France, each cheese and wine has a certain provenance that gives them specific characteristics. For example, you can’t make a Brie de Meaux outside of the Brie region, and Camembert de Normandie must come from Normandy. In the U.S., there are the merits of Texas pecans versus Arizona pecans to debate. Are Georgia peaches better than California peaches? And if you want to really get into it, one just needs to mention barbecue, and you know you’ve stepped into a minefield of tastes, and opinions.
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