Friday, October 28, 2016

Pumpkin Jam


Pumpkin Jam
David, 28 Oct 

It’s very hard to make generalizations. An article might say, “The French love their cheese,” and, of course, there will be someone out there who will say, “I have a French friend and they don’t like cheese.” Or “Americans love cinnamon,” which is partially true, although I’m sure there is at least one or two of you out there that can’t abide it.
Pumpkin jamGenerally speaking (at least according to the lines at my cheese shop), the French do love cheese. And judging from how liberally cinnamon is used in American recipes, we do like our cinnamon.

Pumpkin jamAnother generalization is that the French don’t really celebrate Halloween. Certainly not to the extent that we do in the United States. I posted something about that elsewhere, and it was pointed out that there are places where Halloween items do make an appearance in France (some French bakers and pastry chefs like to play around and make ghoul-themed treats for the American holiday), but generally speaking, Halloween is a holiday that isn’t widely celebrated, or given the attention, that it gets in the United States.
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