Monday, October 10, 2016

Clean Bakery - Goodies without guilt!

Clean Bakery by Carine Claudepierre
Bateman, Hardback - RRP $49.99

Do you love baking but want to learn how to bake easily using more nourishing ingredients? Clean Bakery provides healthier, mouth-watering baking recipes that are 100% refined sugar and dairy-free and that use only real, nutrient-dense ingredients.

•             Features 80 mouth-watering baking recipes of which 79 are dairy-free, 66 gluten-free, 49 paleo friendly, 50 vegan, 23 raw and 34 nut-free. There is something delicious for everyone, whatever your diet choices or restrictions.

•             Rediscover the pleasure of decadent baking without the guilt, including how to create some homemade pantry essentials and how to prepare quick, healthy snacks.

•             Detailed swap-out information in easy-to-use table format for substituting flours, sugars, and lactose while still retaining flavour and texture.

•             Whether you are diabetic or simply looking to cut down on refined sugars, you will find wonderful baking ideas, including many French classics revisited.

 About the author:
Carine Claudepierre was born and raised in France. Her parents managed a candy factory, so her childhood was full of sugar. When diagnosed with prediabetes she had to give up the pleasures of home-baking. But using her skills as a research scientist she started to develop innovative baking recipes that worked with her low-carb diet and her food blog started to attract hundreds of thousands of readers.

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