Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Julie Biuso reckons that all that glitters is gold !

All that glitters is gold!

There's a T theme going on this week ... turmeric, tangelos, Tantalus ... oh, and a cat called Humpf! Maybe it's a yellow (daren't say ginger) theme.
Yep, a mixed bag of delights. Ha! That means I'm speed typing as I am running behind, kind of like running backwards, to get this out. I lingered too long over Tantalus. That's the trouble. It made me hungry thinking about the lunch I had there last weekend. Read all about Waiheke's latest dining establishment
Tantalus and get yourself over to try it out for yourself.
turmeric a cure-all? Does it have magic powers? Find out.
 I've put up a fab chicken curry and an intriguing turmeric drink made with almond milk. Mmmm.

 New season tangelos have just appeared in stores on Waiheke. Grab some. They are sharp and packed with flavour. And there's lots you can do with them.
Humpf. Dear Humpf. He's written a note to Gareth. Just couldn't resist posting these pics. Do you know how long it takes to get a pic of the perfect extended yawn on a cat? Well, don't ask. Just read, and chuckle. We need some lighter moments in life!

 Have a great week, and enjoy the long weekend. And don't forget my cooking classes if you are over this way.

There, typed this in 5 minutes flat.
PS don't grizzle if there are typos. Life's too short ...

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