Thursday, October 27, 2016

Little & Friday's Banana Berry Tatin


27 October 2016
Green Mondays
Sweet Potato, Mushroom and Zucchini Bake
Wholesome vegetables are paired with sweet tomato sauce and rich layers of cheese. There are echoes of lasagne flavours but with a shorter prep time.
Little & Friday's Banana Berry Tatin
You'll find this recipe in the breakfast section of Little & Friday's new book Every Meal but it is a decadent dish that could easily be served as a dessert.
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Little & Friday's new book Every Meal is on shelves this week and we're lucky enough to have a couple of their beautiful recipes to share over the coming days. Find their Banana Berry Tatin above (they assure us it counts as a breakfast dish...).
This week we paid a visit – a few visits between us, actually – to the newly expanded Italian restaurant Amano. We also heard through the grapevine a night noodle market is on its way next month. Find out more in the stories below.
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Spice-Crusted Lamb Rack with Spinach and Baby Beet Salad
Frozen Chai Russian
Chocolate, Brown Butter and Almond Brownie Cakes

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