Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Spring sprung on Waiheke!

Spring sprung on Waiheke! Yep! It was a cracker of a weekend with blue skies and sparkling seas, everything you want a holiday weekend to be. There's so much fab wine and delicious food here and it was great to see everywhere full of people enjoying themselves. Waiheke was pumping!

While the weather has returned to its usual temperamental spring pattern this week, spring produce is abounding. Are you looking for new things to do with asparagus? Grab yourself a few sheets of pre-rolled pastry sheets and see the
tricks here for making easy asparagus and goat's cheese tarts.

And salad. It's time for salad bowls! I love starting with something fresh and green and adding to it, with grains, seafood, cheese, eggs or meat. Whatever takes your fancy. Add something tangy or hot or herby and you've got a healthy speedy meal in a bowl. Hot-smoked Salmon Salad Bowl   Salad In A Bowl

While we were enjoying the warmth here, Ilaria was feeling the first stabs of winter in London. Dressing gown until midday time? Oh, I remember those days well. She made breakfast soup! You might like it for lunch, or for supper, if there is such a thing!

Last week I judged a
vegan dessert competition on Waiheke Island. You can find out more here and if you are over this way you can do a dessert crawl and taste all the entries. You might have to crawl home if you taste the lot!

Saturday's cooking class had a waiting list, so if you do want to come to a
cooking class in November, December or January, send in your dates and I will schedule classes around them. That way you can get the date you want. Choose your theme, too, if you like.

Have a great week – filled with delicious and healthy food I hope.

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