Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Finger lickin' dinner

Golden and crunchy ... all you need is a squirt of lemon.


Finger lickin' dinner
Fish and chips is a Kiwi favourite, a dinner to be enjoyed without ceremony, eaten straight from the newspaper wrapping it is typically sold in, spread on a park bench, the lounge floor or a kitchen table. Lemon for squeezing, salt for sprinkling and sauce or malt vinegar for dunking are the only requirements to turn it into a feast. But oh the disappointment if the chips are soggy, the fish limp and encased in batter more resembling a wet flannel than the golden crunch you were hoping for. Here's how to do it all, to turn fish and chips into a moreish feast that will leave you satisfied and replete rather than greasy and regretful.
Fish in Beer Batter
Crunchy Fat Chips
Quick Tartare
If contemplating frying both fish and chips for the same meal is too much to contemplate, here's a recipe for Oven-baked Smoked Paprika Fries (photograph by Aaron McLean), from the Shared Kitchen archives. They take about 1 hour to bake, but can happily cook away while you prepare the batter and fish.
Salad may not be a regular accompaniment, but a few chunks of cucumber and tomato make a refreshing bite, or finish off the meal with a healthy touch and serve a bowl of
Fresh Herb & Edible Flower Salad.
And the floods last week? Those of us affected by last week's torrential rains are getting by with the help of friends and neighbours. Soggy carpets are being pulled up, gib board removed, rooms left to air and gardens and driveways cleared of mud and rubble. A clean-up doesn't happen overnight!
I will not be running any cooking classes in the short term, apart from the private ones I am committed to, but I am taking a list of names of people who are interested in attending a class and will work from that once we start putting a new programme together. If you have an outstanding gift voucher please contact me on
As always, I wish you well, and a week full of good eating. Remember your neighbours in need – popping in with a batch of hot cheese scones or homemade biscuits can help lift their spirits and help them through the gloomy bits.

Chips worth making at home!

Crusty and golden – gorgeous fries you won't want to share!

Beer-battered Fish – Best ever!

Hear the crunch! Best-ever beer batter for fish delivers every time.

Quick Tartare – a really useful sauce

A dollop here, a dollop there, Tartare sauce adds velvety richness, and a fresh clean bite.







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