Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pie Pie & More Pie from Julie Biuso's Kitchen

Pie Pie & More Pie

There's no getting enough pie at my place. Whether it's meat, fish or vegetables, something magical happens when things are topped with pastry. Maybe it's the word, short and easy to remember but laden with happy eating memories, or that it also includes potato-topped things and crunchy-crumbed things as well as fruity and sweet concoctions ...PIE just sums it up. Hungry? Yes. Want pie? Yes.
Here's a good one, then, with meat and vegetables you can assign to the slow cooker so they can perk and bubble away while you do whatever it is you do during the day. No slow cooker? A casserole and an oven will do just fine. Then, when you are ready, transfer everything to a pie dish, top with a pastry crown and bake to golden, flaky deliciousness. PIE! Yeah. Works every time. http://www.sharedkitchen.co.nz

Hearty Beef & Mushroom Pies

Ha! This is really just a fancy-pants casserole with a pastry lid on!      
Much more       

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