Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to Make Butter using a Jar and Cream

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Did you know it's possible to make butter at home simply using a jar and some cream? It's a common classroom experiment that we were joyfully reminded of this week thanks to Deputy Editor Alice Galletly's step-by-step video below. A great deal of satisfaction comes from making something you've previously only ever been served, which Claire Aldous experienced on return from a trip to Buenos Aires, resulting in her recipe for Alfajores below. Don't miss our wonderful giveaways this week either, scroll down to enter! 
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Alfajores (gf)

A recent trip to Buenos Aires saw Claire Aldous devouring many versions of these delectable biscuits. She has added warm spices and orange zest to hers before filling them with dulce de leche and a slick of chocolate.

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Grilled Hamburger with Cheddar Cheese on Toasted English Muffin with Parsley-Shallot Butter

Award-winning New York chef Gabrielle Hamilton's first cookbook, 'Blood, Bones and Butter', was received with critical acclaim. In her follow up, 'Prune', she shares the much-loved recipes of the eponymous restaurant, including this indulgent hamburger.

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Chicken Braised in Milk, Lemon and Sage

Although traditionally made with pork, I have used chicken, which is equally delicious and requires a much shorter cooking time. The nutty, sweet curds that form during cooking are characteristic of this dish and result in meltingly tender meat.

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