Thursday, June 11, 2015

Marguerite Patten, food writer - obituary

Prolific food writer and broadcaster who over 50 years taught amateur cooks everything from potato floddies to Thai green curry

Mrs Marguerite Patten pictured at a cookery demonstration at the Jubilee Theatre, Blackpool, England
Marguerite Patten  
Marguerite Patten, the cookery writer, who has died aged 99, helped the nation to feed itself through the war years and for the next half century taught the British how to cook “sensible food in an appetising manner”.

As a home economist with the Ministry of Food during the war, Marguerite Patten showed housewives how to get by with a tin of Spam and a ration book. She rose to prominence in the post-war years, becoming one of the BBC’s first food broadcasters, on Kitchen Front and then on Woman’s Hour.


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