Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Roc the Broc!

Roc the Broc! Oh yeah! It's time to eat your medicine, in the most delicious way. Broccoli is a life giver, no doubt about that, and it need never be boring. Steam it, stir-fry it, roast it, add it to a salad ... just start with spanking fresh produce and away you go.

Keeping in the healthy theme, Ilaria dishes up a family recipe for 5 grain bread. This you have to try, no kneading, no rising, no endless waiting, instead a crusty-topped loaf with an unbelievably soft crumb is yours in less than 1 hour. I eat mine slathered in butter and homemade jam but she goes for hummus or avocado. Whatever ...

Can dessert be good for you? Of course! Apples and cranberries get this one over the line. Your choice, though, whether you serve this with yoghurt or a nice melty blob of ice cream. I know which way I prefer.

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