Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Julie Biuso says eat your greens but don't forget the chocolate cake ...

But don't forget the chocolate cake ...

Winter is upon us in this neck of the woods. The good thing about that is you can eat a bit more 'cause you need to, to stay warm. Ha! While Ilaria is dishing up the yummiest chickpea patties I've ever eaten, complete with a spicy yoghurt sauce and tangy tomato vinaigrette, I'm doling out green goodness with dozens of ways to serve Brussels sprouts. Boring it is not, but I reckon a slice of almond chocolate cake should not be that far away. It's a great recipe and  if you haven't tried it yet, get the mixing bowls out and go for it.

While you're in the site check out Cook's Notes – it's a great reference for all manner of ingredients and cooking tips – and Ilaria's Kitchenette for more of her cooking and food chatter. You'll find both on the top bar of the Home page (Click on the top bar of the Home page http://www.sharedkitchen.co.nz 

Happy cooking

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