Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Here's an absolute cracker of a dish ...

Just make this one!
Every once in a while you discover a dish that can only be described as utterly, utterly delicious, a combination of flavours and textures that is so pleasing, so satisfying, a dish where you’d change nothing because it is just bang-on, and that as soon as you finish eating it you know you’ll be making it again very soon. Like the next day. This is one such dish. Coconut Chicken Curry. Also take a look at these healthy and speedy to prepare fish parcels; they're great for mid-week.
While we wait for spring to kick in in this part of the world, if you are in the northern hemisphere start hunting through the autumn (fall) and winter dishes on the side bar on the Home page of Shared Kitchen. There’s plenty of great recipes to help you through the grey days! Click here  Wherever you are, here or there, encourage your friends and work colleagues to sign up for these weekly newsletters, too, then get in touch and let us know what you think when you try the recipes. It would be great to know whether you love the chicken as much as we do. There's a message box at the end of each recipe.

Luca’s claimed this for himself!

My son Luca reckons this is the best chicken dish he has eaten – ever!

Coconut Chicken Curry

A picture is worth a thousand words ...  

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