Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Nadia Lim’s Fresh Start Cookbook

New Zealand’s beloved good-food cook has done it again with this exciting new cookbook.

Since her win on MasterChef, Nadia Lim has inspired a whole generation of cooks into the kitchen introducing them to good, healthy, tasty food. Now a household name, Nadia has encouraged us to rethink the way that we eat by serving up simple, fresh, food which is delicious as well as nutritious.

In Nadia Lim’s Fresh Start Cookbook, Nadia looks beyond food and shares a plan for a complete healthy lifestyle, including tips for dealing with stress, plans for exercising and of course eating well. Nadia has put together this inspiring book to help you live to your best.

Nadia says, ‘This is not a diet book. Although I’m a qualified dietitian, I don’t believe in diets. What I do believe in, though, is eating real food that nourishes you and in keeping active in a way that is easy and enjoyable so that it becomes a long-lasting, sustainable practice.’

‘I felt compelled to write this book because it’s clear that there is still a lot of confusion around what it means to be healthy and how to lose weight.’

Nadia Lim’s Fresh Start Cookbook shows that you if you eat well and exercise regularly there are all sorts of benefits, such as losing weight, getting fitter, sleeping better and feeling healthier.

The easy-to-follow meal and exercise plan — put together with the help of fitness expert Michael McCormack — can be followed as a twelve-week programme to lose weight and get healthy or just as a great recipe book to dip in and out of. 

Photography by Tam West.

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